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I Loved Chuck

Ever wonder what young, bored in suburbia girls REALLY did in class? They might have looked like they were dutifully taking notes on the days topics, but what they were earnestly concentrating on was writing the name of their one and only true love, over & over & over & over . . .you get the idea.

And in this case of MY one and only true love, it was Chuck, as you can see by my binder ramblings. I actually have at least three pages of the same thing, “I Love Chuck” written so many times I HAD to have run out of ink at some point. Funny thing about Chuck – he was one of three, a triplet. Yup, there were three Chucks, so to speak. Why all the girls seemed to fall for only him, way back when we were all 13, I can’t explain. But damn, did he have it good! I think we all loved Chuck.


Who do you love?

Someone had given me this ‘girly’ rose stationary for Christmas when I was around 9 years old. It smelled like roses too. Was I supposed to write love letters and send them to boys? Well, I didn’t do that, but I did use them as inserts and updates to my daily diary entries.  So, WHO DO I LOVE? (The pages no longer smell like roses, btw).