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The Things We Ate, 70’s Style : Dinner’s Ready!

The late 1970’s had its’ fair share of interesting food offerings. Due to increased food prices (AKA, inflation) and the increased demand for cheap, easy and convenient meals, the likes of Swanson TV Dinners, Chef Boy-ar-dee and moms’ Mac-n-Cheese were popular table choices.

At my suburban household we had certain nights dedicated to all-american food staples – taco night (my favorite!), pizza night, meat loaf night, fried chicken night, pot roast night (my dads’ favorite!). And all the food fare was pretty standard for the time – Velveeta, Crisco, Wonder Bread. In fact, Velveeta was so prevalent in our house that I was unaware that there were any other cheeses available until I went to collage! And although I now indulge in a multitude of amazing cheeses today, I still occasionally get that craving for the creamy yummy-ness of a grilled cheese sandwich made with Velveeta!