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70’s Hair Gone Wild

The up do, the down do, the Farrah do. When you think of 70’s hairstyles, the Farrah “flip” is probably the first style that comes to mind. And with good reason; the Farrah Flip was a cultural phenomenon that promoted itself weekly on our ‘boob-tubes’, thanks to a certain TV show. Even if you didn’t watch Charlie’s Angels, you knew about the Farrah Flip.
But with all the feathered hype, a very 70’s hairstyle was quickly forgotten – the “Dorothy Hamill”.

Yup, before Farrah there was Dorothy Hamill, complete with a supremely cute, subtle ‘feather’ cut. Short, sassy, easily maintained, the Dorothy Hamil was a precursor to the extreme feather Jill Munroe sported on Charlie’s Angels. Of course, now we call Dorothy’s cut a ‘wedge’ cut, but let’s be honest here – it WAS feathered. In fact, I do believe that most 8th grade boys sported this look in the 70’s. Shaun Cassidy comes to mind, and even better, his brother. Nothing to be ashamed of boys – Dorothy Hamill DID win a gold medal at the Olympics, after all.


TV and its impact 70’S style, Part II – KICK ASS, CRIME FIGHTIN’, LIBERATED WOMEN RULE!

Whether it was a result of women’s lib or the feminist movement, no one can deny that 1970s TV had an abundance of kick-ass women on the tube. Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman, Police Woman, Charlie’s Angels – badass babes taking out the bad guys and making the world a safer place for you and me. Oh, yes, these crime fightin’ foxes could take on you, me and all the fumbling villains that crossed their paths. Girl Power!

And then there were the smart, hard working, fast talking, take-no-shit women of prime time – Maude, Alice, Ann Romano of One Day at a Time, Rhoda, Phyllis. Most of these characters were women trying to make their way and find their own voice in a new world – a world where economic times were hard and being an independent woman was, at the very least, a challenge. These characters inevitably showed girls and women throughout the USofA that we really could make it on our own – complete with sassy dialogue.

As a testament to the draw of girl power on TV, three of the top five TV shows during the 1975-76 season were The Bionic Woman, Maude, and Laverne and Shirley.

Given, there was a lot of T&A involved in the success of some of these shows. But inevitably, for a young girl like myself, watching these empowered women kick butt and make it on their own gave me the notion that I too could take on the world – maybe not in the same manner as The Bionic Woman – but none-the-less, I believe ultimately they were positive roll models.

We All Love Avocado Appliances!

Ahhh, avocado. What an AMAZING marketing invention! Who knew that burnt green-colored appliances would be such a hit! The frenzy started in the mid 60’s, but didn’t really take hold until the early 70’s. Along with Cornflower Yellow and Brilliant Orange, these 3 color combos could be found in almost any kitchen, bathroom, or in my case, bedroom in America. Of course, my mom added her own flair to the color fad – white daisies! Our bathroom, our kitchen (my bedroom)  – all Avocado Green, Cornflower Yellow, Brilliant Orange and White Daisies everywhere! Oh, yes, along with gold fixtures. Gaudy much? Love that Avocado appliance!

The Things They Sold Us – 70’s Style – Part II.

Now the LeCar is something I remember – it was most certainly all the rage in 1977. With the country still reeling from the gas crisis, consumers were hot to buy economy/compact/gas-saving vehicles and the LeCar by Renault fit the bill. Looking back on it now, it really didn’t seem to be a car that was built to last though. Which could explain why you never see a restored LeCar on the road these days – now a bitchin’ Camero, THAT you can still find on the road.

“Have a Great Summer”


I guess not many 7th graders were original in their well wishes when they signed yearbooks. And yes, I DID have a great summer! Although I’m pretty sure I was grounded at least four times during that summer – I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, according to my mom.


Who do you love?

Someone had given me this ‘girly’ rose stationary for Christmas when I was around 9 years old. It smelled like roses too. Was I supposed to write love letters and send them to boys? Well, I didn’t do that, but I did use them as inserts and updates to my daily diary entries.  So, WHO DO I LOVE? (The pages no longer smell like roses, btw).

1977 was a very good year.

Jimmy Carter becomes the 39th President of the USA, Apple Computers is Incorporated, ROOTS debuts on ABC, Fleetwood Mac releases RUMORS, Star Wars opens, Annie Hall wins the Oscar for best picture, Elvis dies and the Fonz jumps the shark.