The Great American Novel

It was the 70’s. I was 12. I thought I could write the Great American Novel. And like all Great Novelists, I used my everyday experiences as inspiration. At 12 years of age, my experience was limited, to say the least. None the less, I embarked on the word journey, convinced I would not only complete the novel, but make it a noted voice in teenage literature, synonymous with novels such as “Go Ask Alice” (which I read at least a dozen times) or “The Catcher in the Rye” (a book my parents never wanted me to read, but I got a copy from a sympathic neighbor – to this day I don’t understand WHY my parents didn’t want me reading this book.) I never did finish my Great American Novel, or should I say, it’s a work in progress . . .? Well, then, more to come.


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